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Surfing Tsunamis is a catalyst for bold positive transformations. Our core strategic goal is to unleash an innovation revolution in Latin America and to build an economy driven by creative and entrepreneurial power and the energies and industries of the future. We partner with a wide range of organizations to build a future of abundance, inclusion and regeneration through the power of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.


We bring change to the world through high impact initiatives. We are constantly serving and interacting with a broad range of ambitious stakeholders We screen opportunities and partners based on their potential to generate positive change. We bring to the table deep senior expertise in strategy, innovation and complex multi-stakeholder transformations as well as a global futuristic mindset and a global network of partners and relationships.

Catalyzing abundance, inclusion and regeneration

We work with ambitious and innovative organizations to create the 21st century economy in Latin America.


Ignacio Peña is a renowned international speaker, Faculty at Singularity University and Lecturer at The Wharton School. He has made presentations to senior and very large audiences across the Americas. Audiences range from political leaders (Presidents, Mayors, Governors, Ministers) and business leaders (owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs) to high school students. Venues range from world class institutions such as YPO, MIT and XPRIZE to shantytowns.


Topics include the technology revolution, the future of food and agriculture, the strategic agenda for shaping a future of abundance, inclusion and regeneration, the startup revolution in Latin America, and how traditional businesses can transform, become exponential and make a quantum leap into the future.


We draw on decades of strategic advisor experience to assist ambitious clients to push forward bold futuristic agendas. We have deep expertise in growth strategies, innovation,  business development and large transformations.


Recent work ranges from leading the strategic design of a bold innovation park in a mega-city to supporting a major global corporate transformation and advising disruptive born global entrepreneurs. 

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